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Youth Membership

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Winscombe Rugby Football Club Junior Section (motto: Friendship Through Rugby) offers Sunday Rugby for both genders and all ages from U6s up to U17s.

The 2010-11 Season kicks off on 5th September 2010 and runs through to 1st May 2011. Membership Fees are payable for those taking part on a regular basis, but anyone is welcome to come along and try for free.

Important Note: Clubhouse Access
The Rugby Club use Winscombe Cricket Club - a private club open to members only - as our Clubhouse. In order to access this facility after matches or training with your child(ren) you MUST be EITHER a Rugby Club Junior Vice President (£25 per year) or a member of the Cricket Club (£6 per year).

You can purchase either of these products through the 'Adult Membership' menu item (right) or by clicking here. These products apply to parents of players and so should be purchased per parent wishing to use the Clubhouse, not per child.

You are free to choose not to purchase either product, but may be refused entry to the Clubhouse as a result.

Fathers who are current players in the Senior section and are already members of the Cricket Club through their own subscriptions to the Rugby Club do not need to purchase either of these products.

Winscombe RFC Junior Membership 2010-11

Winscombe RFC Junior Membership 2010-11

This fee covers all coaching sessions and all matches - separate match fees are not charged.

NOTE: An 'RFU Youth Registration Form' (obtainable from your child's coach) and a recent passport-sized photograph are also required for all NEW PLAYERS. New PHOTOS are required for players who are in the U13 or U17 squads for the coming season.

Please be sure to read the important note around Clubhouse Access, above!

Please select a specific

Category of Membership

Please help us to meet our data collection obligations by completing the short form below. You should complete one form per person applying for membership. All questions relate to the applicant unless otherwise indicated

These details will be used solely for identification, age verification and record purposes by Winscombe RFC, Somerset County RFU, The Rugby Football Union and Winscombe Sporting Clubs. They will not be disclosed to any other third party.

Photography: From time to time we are asked to agree to players being photographed, for match reports in the local papers, use on the club website, etc. Our Child Protection Policy requires that we take steps to ensure any photographs are used solely for the purpose intended, which is the promotion and celebration of the activities of the club. For this reason the approval of the Head Coach of the age group is mandatory prior to photographs being taken and identification of any player under 18 years old is not allowed. Please see Question 11 below.

Data Storage: The data recorded on this form will subsequently be transferred into a database. This database is strictly for non-commercial use and whilst it is therefore not subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, the spirit of the act will be followed. Every possible care will be taken with the storage and security of this data and it will not be made available to anyone other than appropriate persons engaged on legitimate and authorised Winscombe RFC business. Required fields are indicated in RED.

Player's Date of Birth
Player's First Name
Player's Surname
Player's Gender (use 'Male' or 'Female only)
Player's Team for the coming season (use U6, U7, etc)
Full name of the player's school (e.g. Winscombe Primary, Churchill Community, etc)
Emergency Contact Name (e.g. Parent, Guardian, Family Friend, Other Relative, etc)
Emergency Contact phone number (ideally a mobile telephone, if possible)
Please provide brief details of any significant medical conditions affecting the player (If not, please enter 'None')
If the player's normal address is different from the address of the person making payment, please give the player's normal address in full
PARENT: I agree to my child being photographed when playing, as authorised by their Coach - see above (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: Subscriptions include cover under the RFU Insurance Scheme but I understand that WRFC cannot take responsibility for injuries or for loss of belongings (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: I am willing to assist with fund raising events (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: I am willing to assist occasionally with food from the caravan (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: I am willing to assist with transport to and from matches (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: I am interested in serving on the Committee (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: I am a trained First Aider and can help on mach days (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
PARENT: Please treat this memberships as a Gift Aid Donation. I am currently a UK tax payer (use 'yes' or 'no' only)
Please 'sign' by typing your full name and the date. By doing so you and your child also agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions and Codes of Conduct (See 'admin' on the Club website)
When you have completed all of the required fields, above, please click 'Add to Basket' to complete the application. You will be taken to your basket for a few seconds as your application is registered before being returned to this page. You can then add further products or Checkout, as required.


Micro Sites |  Rugby Clubs |  Winscombe RFC |  Youth Membership

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