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Why Has My Card Been Declined?

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Rejections don't happen often, but when they do, one obvious cause is insufficient funds available on your card. Whilst it may be worth double-checking, in our experience that's rarely the issue.

Card rejections are certainly not the norm but they do happen. Protx, our payment services provider, have a number of checks in place which are designed to prevent fraud - to protect you as well as us.

The four commonest reasons for rejections are as follows:

  • Name on Card: It isn't normally one of the main causes, but please check that the name you have supplied on the Protx payment pages matches that on your card.
  • Incorrect Address Details: Along with postcode issues, this is one of the commonest causes of rejections. Protx makes careful checks that the address supplied with the card details matches the address to which the card is registered. Please check that your address details are complete and correctly spelled - we have seen rejections happen on the most minor of typos!
  • Incorrect Postcode: A missing, incomplete or inaccurate postcode will almost certainly cause your card payment to be rejected.
  • CVV2 or Security Number: Quoting the number on the strip on the rear of your card is standard practice for online transactions. Rejections caused by problems with this number are rare but can happen - please make sure you have used the correct number and have entered it accurately.

Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  FAQs |  Why Has My Card Been Declined?

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