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How Much does it Cost?

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ClubPay was born out of the frustrations of trying to run a small sports club in an efficient yet painless manner and we know all too well that money is tight.

Sadly, much as we would like to, we cannot offer ClubPay's services for free. However, we do strive to keep costs as low as possible and subscribers have our committment that we will seek ways to reduce costs, not increase them. For example, the more subscribers we sign up and the more transactions that go through the site, the cheaper we should be able to make our services.

We will pass all savings from economies of scale on to our subscribing organisations in the form or lower charges - that is our firm promise.

There are three areas in which we make charges:

Setup Fees

The initial setup of a site takes time, so we make a small charge to cover costs and ensure that your organisation is reasonably serious-minded about setting up a site.

Setup costs are little more than nominal charges, ranging from £5 for a simple site to £25 for a more complex setup. These costs include working with you to gather information, configure your micro-site, configure your products, test the micro-site and finally make the site live.


Operating Fees

Those organisations that have already looked into eCommerce will be all too aware that processing card payments is not free and at low volumes is not especially cheap.

ClubPay's big advantage lies in being able to leverage economies of scale to obtain processing fees at the most competitive rates possible. Current operating charges stand at 5.5% of sales and we will look to drive these down further still.

Don't forget that as well as dealing with your payments we also host and maintain your site, collect and process data, and supply reports. For all of this we consider 5.5% to represent extremely good value.


Administration Fees

We understand that you will almost certainly want to change prices on an annual basis and so annual updates are available free of charge providing that they really do take place just once a year.

However, whilst ClubPay is fully committed to offering excellent service to its customers, unlimited chopping and changing of products does not fit with our business model and in particular, our desire to keep costs as low as possible.

Outside of the annual update window, changes to your site and your products are possible, but we have made this a chargeable activity in order to help you assess whether any changes are truly essential. As always, charges are small - we offer packages of credits through the 'ClubPay Services' section of the site and there can be used to pay for changes or updates to products, or to request special reports or data extracts.


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  How Does It Work? |  How Much does it Cost?

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