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How Does ClubPay Work?

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Collecting payments - the lifeblood of your Club - can be a complete nightmare. The world sometimes seems full of empty purses & wallets and forgotten chequebooks. So ClubPay offers a simple but hugely valuable service to small, predominantly amateur Clubs, Schools and Associations - the ability to take card payments over the internet.

The section 'What Are The Benefits' covers all of the many reasons why simple eCommerce can be such a boon to subscribing organisations, but in a nutshell, what ClubPay does is to remove the normal barriers to eCommerce - time, cost and expertise. We have centralised, shared facilities that mean that all of our subscribing organisations can enjoy the benefits of economies of scale as well as our technical know-how.

The Process

Setting up a subscription is quick and easy, but you do need to be prepared to invest a little time to help us knock your Micro-Site into shape.

Firstly, you need to select the ClubPay package that is most appropriate to the needs of your organisation and help us to check that you are bona fide. Next, with your help we will construct your Micro-Site and configure your products - you can then start testing the site.

Finally, when you are happy with your micro-site, you can go live and start promoting the site to your members, parents and customers. Your site will handle all payments and at the end of each calendar month, we will transfer all revenue from the site - net of our fees - into your bank account. We will also send you a summary statement of all payments and charges for the month.

As well as collecting payments, we can also collect a range of membership data, including data to meet the requirements of National Governing Body Accreditations such as ClubMark and CharterMark. By arrangement we can also provide a monthly extract of this type of data for marketing purposes or accreditation.


Making Changes

Modern life rarely stands still long enough for us to draw breath and your Club or School is unlikely to be immune from such change.

We appreciate that change is inevitable and so we offer free annual refreshed of your site and the products within it. This might mean simple changes to prices, or a much more fundamental set of changes to both your products and the information surrounding them.

So what happens if you want or need to make changes outside of the annual cycle? We offer a low cost tarrif for making non-annual changes, based on the purchase and redemption of credits.

For example, making a very minor change to a price would cost only one credit. A larger change to a product or adding a new product would be likely to cost two credits, while a large, time-consuming change such as developing a bespoke report might cost anywhere between three and five credits.

Credits are available in packages of five, ten or twenty and each credit costs around £2.


Terminating Your Subscription

If at any time and for any reason you wish to stop using ClubPay's services, just let us know.

We can normally inactivate a site within a matter of hours of receiving notification that you wish us to do so. Notification must come from the organisation's designated point of contact, or another senior officer.

Once we receive notification we will suspend your micro-site and prevent any further transactions from going through the site. We will then calculate your closing position and advise you of this by return.

We will retain any outstanding funds for a period of 30 days in case of dispute, but at the end of this period the funds will be transferred to your account, net of our normal fees and charges. We are unable to refund any fees you may have paid to us for setup or the purchase of credits.

We would always appreciate your feedback as to why you are terminating your subscription but you are under no obligation to tell us anything if you would prefer.


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  How Does It Work? |  How Does ClubPay Work?

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