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What is the Role of ClubPay?

Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  FAQs |  What is the Role of ClubPay?

ClubPay Ltd is a commercial organisation offering easy eCommerce facilities to Subscribing Organisations for the convenience and benefit of their Customers.

ClubPay builds and hosts eCommerce Micro-Sites on behalf of Subscribing Organisations. As part of this process we undertake to accurately and faithfully reproduce information on the organisation and the products it seeks to offer for sale, as provided to us by the Subscribing Organisation. ClubPay also makes card payment facilities available to Customers on behalf of the Subscribing Organisation.

We have responsibility for:
  • Providing monthly summaries of transactions
  • Producing invoices detailing ClubPay’s fees and charges
  • Transferring net income to the Subscribing Organisations nominated account
  • Providing any other management information as may reasonably be required (and agreed), e.g. contact lists, marketing lists, etc
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Subscribing Organisation's Micro-Site and associated data
  • Making changes and providing reports that are requested through the system of purchased credits
  • Maintaining confidentiality of data, including adherence to the Data Protection Act. (Financial data will not be stored within the site)
  • Correcting errors in the payment process; that is to say, errors that arise through technical or administrative failure within the ClubPay site. (This would not include pricing or other errors originating from the Subscribing Organisation)

Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  FAQs |  What is the Role of ClubPay?

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