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What Are The Benefits?

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ClubPay's easy eCommerce services offer a host of benefits to both subscribing organisations and their customers. In a nutshell, we remove the scope for excuses!

For customers, ClubPay brings convenience and reliability to what can be a frustrating process. For the organisations themselves, ClubPay takes the burden off of individuals, offering improved cash flow, greater financial efficiency, improved administrative processes (including data collection) and can even increase overall turnover.

For Subscibing Organisations:

Improved cash flow and overall turnover...

  • Reliable, efficient and accessible sales channels, approaching 24x7x365 availability
  • Reduced scope for excuses not to make payment
Improved administration...
  • Vastly reduced dependence on cheques and cash, both of which have immense weaknesses in audit terms
  • Vastly reduced dependence on officers of the organisation to hold (and account for) cheques and cash for lengthy periods
  • Readily available management information including subscriptions lists, contact lists and marketing lists of members
  • Electronic collection of the data sets required for NGB Accreditations, e.g. ClubMark, Charter Club, etc
Improved marketing opportunities...
  • Improved communication and interaction with members/customers
  • Scope for marketing creativity and communications leading to sales of associated and add-on products, e.g. Club Merchandise, event tickets, pre-paid blocks of coaching or match fees, etc


For Their Members & Customers:

Better communications...

  • Improved communication and information flow between the organisation and their members/customers
Greater choice & convenience...
  • Ease and convenience of payment via most major debit & credit cards
  • Provides a new layer of choice in the payment process, adding card facilities to more traditional payment methods such as cash and cheque
Increased availability...
  • Availability of payment facilities - approaching 24x7x365
  • Removes the dependence on officers to be around to take payment
  • Allows those who have 'forgotten' to make payment to rectify their 'oversight'
Quality assurance...
  • Matches or improves the information gathering processes around child protection and organisational administration


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  How Does It Work? |  What Are The Benefits?

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