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How Do We Sign Up?

Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  How Does It Work? |  How Do We Sign Up?

Heard enough? Want to sign up to a subscription? Excellent - here's how to to go about it.

We have tried to make the process as easy as possible, but as with pretty much everything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out. Work with us to provide good quality information and a few graphics, logos and images, and you can have professional looking micro-site up and running in no time.

But it does require a small investment of your time to get things started:

Step One: Choose a ClubPay Package

Are you looking for a stall, a kiosk, or a full-blown shop? It's make your mind up time folks!

You can get more details of our packages in the 'What Packages Are Available' section, or by visiting the 'Buy ClubPay Services' section. We have consciously tried to keep our packages simple and to the point - and we haven't created hundreds of them in different combinations designed to confuse and obfusticate!

You will need to choose from the following three packages:

  • Club Stall: Simple, membership focused package, offering three membership products only
  • Club Kiosk: A more versatile package offering five membership and five ad hoc products (e.g. merchandise, fees, tickets, etc)
  • Club Shop: Our most complete package offering five membership and fifteen ad hoc products


Step Two: Validation

We don't see ClubPay as a prime target for rings of major international fraudsters; part of the beauty of the service is that each site will be small, locally-focused and should be well-known to both members and prospective members. Nonetheless, we have a responsibility to those making payments to take all reasonable steps to ensure they are not being defrauded.

We will therefore ask you to provide contact details for your organisation's bankers and we will make contact with them to check that you are a bona fide organisation.

Not all of your members and customers will feel comfortable using online payments and as a crucial part of the set up process we will ask you to specify alternative payment methods. These will be clearly indicated on your micro-site; we would encourage you to direct as much of your business as possible through ClubPay for economy and convenience, but it is important that customers know that ClubPay is not the only way that they can pay.


Step Three: Site Setup

Using our pre-defined templates, we will guide you through the process of providing us with the information required to build your site - key contacts, Club data, images and logos to be included on the site, etc.

You are subscribing to an eCommerce Micro-Site and this should not be confused with all of the information and functionality that would be available in a full website. However, you will be able to customise the look and feel of the pages to reflect the character of your Club.

In many instances we expect your ClubPay pages to be a facility that you will link to from within your Club's existing website. In such instances your customers would simply want to link to ClubPay, complete their transaction(s) and then link back to your main Club site.


Step Four: Product Setup

This is the key part of your micro-site setup. Again, we will provide templates to guide you through the set up process.

The types of product you can offer is limited only by your entrepreneurial flair (and legality!), but common types include:

  • Memberships: You will need to think about types of membership, costs, age ranges, restrictions and so on. Simple is best, if possible. You will also need to tell us the type and level of information to be collected along with the membership application - this can be a real boon for improving communication with your customers, for marketing information and for data to meet the requirements of various accreditations such as ClubMark and Charter Mark. We have a predefined format for both adult and junior memberships that meets the requirements of most accreditation and child protection schemes - you are welcome to adopt this standard if you would prefer

  • Merchandise: Depending on which Micro-Site package you purchase, you may have a number of ad hoc products that can be sold through the site. Setting these up is easy - all we need is for you to tell us what you want to sell, provide a description and an image, and tell us about any product variants - sizes, colours, etc

  • Match & Training Fees: If you collect a regular fee from your customers for taking part in games or training sessions, why not set it up as a product? Your Members can then buy single fees or a whole month or even season's worth of fees in a block. All purchases will be accompanied by a receipt and this can be produced as proof of payment. This is a great way to take the strain off of overworked team captains and to ensure that all payments are made and accounted for. Payment can be made at any time, so no excuses either!

  • Tickets: Organising an event? A dinner, ball, race night, live music - you name it - can all be set up as products on your micro-site, making the collection and administration of funds easier and less prone to errors.


Step Five: Testing & Go Live

Before publishing your micro-site and inviting your customers to start making purchases, we will set your site up in a test environment so that you can check it over and make sure it looks and works properly.

Please take as much time as you like to test and when you are ready, let us know and we will make it live. Once your micro-site is live, you are able to make changes via the free annual product refresh or by purchasing and redeeming credits.


Step Six: Tell Your Customers & Start Taking Payments

Once live, it's over to you to publicise the site to your members and customers and start taking payments the easy way.

At the end of each month we will send you the net revenue taken through the site, a summary of transactions and data on your customers and their memberships.


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  How Does It Work? |  How Do We Sign Up?

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