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Who Are ClubPay

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The concept of ClubPay was born out of frustration - frustration that there wasn't an easier way for clubs to collect fees. A way that didn't involve club officials having pockets permanently full of coins, notes and cheques getting progressively grubbier and tattier with each passing day...not to mention harder to audit and reconcile!

ClubPay is the brainchild of a typical club official; as both a team captain and Youth Manager, large parts of the cricket season were spent giving a highly convincing impression of a small, (relatively) mobile subsidiary of a high street bank, a predicament shared to a greater or lesser extent by fellow captains and officials within the club.

Having embarked on a process to design a small eCommerce site for his own club and having made casual mention of the project to friends, colleagues and associates, it quickly became apparent that the flexibility, convenience and availability offered by online payment facilities had a much broader application in the world of amateur Clubs.

Sports Clubs quickly and obviously became a significant potential market, but discussions with schools suggested that the concept could be extended into the academic arena, where the handling of cash and cheques is both commonplace and time-consuming. From there it was a short and logical step to opening up the service to the complete range of essentially amateur clubs, whether sports, hobby and pastime, or entirely social.

The UK is home to a host of wonderful small clubs and societies, many surviving only on the hard work, energy and enthusiasm of volunteer officials and administrators. Anything that can be done to make their life easier and free up their time to move the club forward rather than just mark time has to be a good thing.

ClubPay has been of massive benefit to our club and crucially, to its members. We hope that it can make a difference to your club too.

Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  About Us |  Who Are ClubPay

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