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ClubPay is fully committed to offering excellent service to its customers, so we allow an annual refresh of your Micro-Site, free of charge. However unlimited chopping and changing of products does not fit with our business model and in particular, our desire to keep costs as low as possible.

Outside of the annual update window, changes to your Micro-Site and your products are possible, but we have made this a chargeable activity in order to help you assess whether any changes are truly essential.

ClubPay Credits

ClubPay Credits

The process for purchasing and using ClubPay Credits is very simple:

  1. Choose how many you think you may need - there is no 'use by date' and the more you buy the cheaper they become per Credit
  2. Provide us with a few details on the form below and complete the payment process
  3. When you want to make a change, edit the template you used to create your Micro-Site and email it to us - we will normally be able to supply copies of your template if you have mislaid your original.
  4. Don't forget to quote your order number with each Change Request.
  5. We will deduct the appropriate number of credits from your 'account', based on the change(s) you have requested
Change Credits do not apply until your Micro-Site has 'Gone Live' and this will not happen until you are complely happy with it. We are not interested in charging for correcting the occasional typo.

Remember that you are still entitled to one free refresh of your Micro-Site each year.

Please Select a

Package of Credits
Change Type Credits Required
Price Change (for 1-5 Products) 1 Credit
Price Change (for 6-15 Products) 2 Credits
Product Amendement 1 Credit
Product Replacement 2 Credits
Product Removal 1 Credit
Product Addition (within Package allowance) Free
Amendments to Key Organisation/Contact Information
(You MUST let us know immediately if your organisation's point of contact changes)
1 Credit
Amendements to Organisation/Section Information 2 Credits
Amendments to Images & Logos 2 Credits
Production of Additional Copies of Standard Reports 1 Credit
Production of Customised Reports 5 Credits
Full Micro-Site Refresh (Outside of Annual Cycle) 20 Credits

We reserve the right to vary the cost of packs of credits and the tariff assigned to each type of change - within reason, at all times, of course.

Please help us to keep your child safe and meet our data collection obligations by completing the short form below. You should complete one form per person applying for membership. All questions relate to the applicant unless otherwise indicated

If the answer to any question is 'No' or 'None', please enter 'No' or 'None'. If the answer to any question is 'Yes', please provide brief details.

Required fields are indicated in RED:

Name of the Organisation that will use the Change Credits
(Sorry, credits are non-transferrable)
What sort of changes is the Organisation planning
Approximate timescale for changes, e.g. some now - some later, all immediately, just planning for the future, etc
When you have completed all of the required fields, above, please click 'Add to Basket' to complete the application. You will be taken to your basket for a few seconds as your application is registered before being returned to this page. You can then add further products or Checkout, as required.


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  Buy ClubPay Services |  Buy ClubPay Credits

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