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Start a ClubPay Subscription

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Well, if you have made it this far you are either lost, or more hopefully, you are looking to start up a ClubPay Subscription for your Organisation. If the latter, many thanks and a warm welcome...you're in the right place.

ClubPay Subscriptions are a simple, low cost method of offering a range of highly available, hightly convenient payment options to your Organisation's Customers via Internet-based card payments. Follow the instructions below to start the ClubPay revolution at your Club or School.

ClubPay Subscription

ClubPay Subscription

Starting a ClubPay Subscription is easy:

  1. Choose the Subscription Package that best suits the needs of your Organisation
  2. Complete the Organisational information that we need to validate and support your application
  3. Make payment
Once we have completed a few formalities, we will send you a template that you can use to help us complete your Micro-Site.

Please Select a

Subscription Type
Product Feature Club Stall Club Kiosk Club Shop
Number of Membership Products
e.g. Senior Membership, Youth Membership
3 5 5
Number of Ad Hoc Products
e.g. Merchandise, Match Fees
0 5 15
Information Pages Available Yes Yes Yes
Data Capture Available Yes Yes Yes
Product Variants Available
e.g. size, colour, type
N/A Yes Yes
Free Product Refreshes Annually Annually Annually
Initial Setup Charges 5 15 25
Operating Fees 5.5% 5.5% 5.5%

Please help us to keep your child safe and meet our data collection obligations by completing the short form below. You should complete one form per person applying for membership. All questions relate to the applicant unless otherwise indicated

If the answer to any question is 'No' or 'None', please enter 'No' or 'None'. If the answer to any question is 'Yes', please provide brief details.

Required fields are indicated in RED:

Name of Organisation
Nature of Primary Activity, e.g. sport, school, pastime/hobby, social, etc
Legal Status of Organisation, e.g. Limited Company, Charity, etc
Address of Organisation, including Postcode
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Address
Primary Contact Email
Primary Contact Telephone
Please provide the name of the Organisation's Bankers
Please provide the name and contact details of a Referee from your Bank who can vouch for your Organisation
Address of the Organisation's Main Website
When you have completed all of the required fields, above, please click 'Add to Basket' to complete the application. You will be taken to your basket for a few seconds as your application is registered before being returned to this page. You can then add further products or Checkout, as required.


Micro Sites |  ClubPay Services |  Buy ClubPay Services |  Start a ClubPay Subscription

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